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Facts and Questions

Q. I took a senior picture, why don't I have a picture on my profile.

A. We haven't finished uploading some pictures yet, but we will get to it.

Q. Can I upload pictures to my profile.

A. Yes, the only one you cannot change is the Master pic (senior)

Q. I didn't take a senior picture but I have an annual pic from previous years, can I use that one

A. Yes, contact us and we will place it on your profile

Q. Can I create a poll or survey?

A. Yes, I will put directions on this page soon

Q. I have a suggestion or recommendation, where do I submit it?

A. Go to the Comanche Forum page and enter your comments in the suggestion box.

Q. After I purchase a ticket, will a ticket be sent to me?

A. No, your ticket will be your name badge into the event

Q. Do I have to fill out the bio information

A. You don't have to, but you won't be included in the memory book and if you don't fill in your address you may miss out on any future events.